Brushed oak parquet is undoubtedly one of the most popular solutions for the flooring of our homes. We had already identified brushed oak as the protagonist of the 2020 parquet trends and we do not doubt that it will play the lion’s share in 2021, too.

As for the essence, oak has always been synonymous with elegance and resistance. Thanks to the natural effect given by its veins, it manages to match any style of furniture, from classic to contemporary.

Brushing is also one of the most requested surface effects. In fact, brushing gives the wood a rustic, “genuine” and material appearance, pleasant to the eye and to the touch.

Choosing a brushed oak parquet means enjoying a warm and welcoming flooring, with an unchanging charm over time and able to withstand changes in fashion.


The brushing process

Brushing is a type of parquet surface treatment. It is carried out through a process that involves the processing of wood with special brushes. These brushes remove the non-fibrous and softer part of the wood from the surface of the boards, in order to bring out the grain of the essence.

With this process, the parquet takes on a tactile and natural appearance, making it suitable for almost all situations. A rustic environment is certainly enhanced, but even essential and modern rooms, by contrast, can acquire a refined charm.

Due to its characteristics, brushed parquet shows the signs of aging to a lesser extent than smooth parquet. Any scratches and abrasions are in fact less evident on a surface that is already rough and “scratched”.

parquet rovere spazzolato

Characteristics of the brushed parquet

Brushed parquet, as we have just seen, guarantees resistance and durability. It is precisely its rough surface that makes it suitable for frequent foot traffic and less subject to wear.

The situation of brushed parquet is also a very versatile one, as it adapts perfectly to every style and area of the house. In fact, there are no restrictions regarding the area of the house in which to place it. Living room and bedroom are the most classic destinations, but brushed parquet can also be installed in the bathroom or kitchen.


Brushed oak parquet

The brushed oak parquet is a classic that will always be in fashion, because it combines the pleasant “natural effect” of wood with great versatility of use. Plus, it resists the signs of aging very well and is easy to maintain.

Gazzotti 18 offers different variants of brushed oak parquet.

For example, the Vintage line includes a wide range of colors, available in three sizes and different processes.

Slightly brushed is the Extraresistent Plancia 10 format, which ensures excellent resistance to surface scratches and an aesthetic that enhances the characteristics of wood.

The three sizes of Smile are also in brushed oak, Gazzotti 18’s young line that combines high quality and affordable price.