If every wooden essence tells a story, perhaps a briccole wood parquet will tell you the most exciting one. It is, in fact, a story that tells of the centuries-old tradition of Venice, of its being a wonderfully unique, floating city.

As unique and unrepeatable is also a floor made from recycled wood, as is that of the briccole, protagonist elements of the Venetian lagoon and an integral part of the panorama of the most beautiful city in the world.

Each wooden floor, especially hand-crafted ones, is original in texture, veins and colors. A briccole wood parquet is even more so and takes the concept of uniqueness to the highest levels.


But… what are the briccole?

You have certainly noticed them during your excursions to Venice: the briccole are those wooden poles that emerge from the lagoon; their essential functions are to delimit the navigable areas and to signal the depth of the waters.

They are generally found in groups of several poles tied together and driven into the seabed. The briccole are made of oak wood and have a length ranging from 10 to 15 meters, with a diameter of 35-50 centimeters.

After being installed, these poles remain immersed in the lagoon waters for several years before being replaced. During this period, they suffer the erosion of the tides and bad weather, as well as the slow work of small mollusks that pierce the wood, drawing very particular “textures”.

But once replaced by the new briccole, the old ones do not finish their race. Having acquired a worn and lived-in appearance over time, they are often recovered from parquet or wooden furniture manufacturers to create real design furnishings.

parquet briccole gazzotti


Main features of the briccole wood

As mentioned, briccole are made of oak wood. After spending ten years immersed in lagoon water, the essence takes on an aspect rich in nuances, veins and small holes.

These holes are created naturally by a marine mollusk called teredine. The teredine, a xylophagous (i.e. that feeds on wood) animal, digs the surface of the briccola day after day and “decorates” it, generating unique shapes. It is precisely the attacks of these mollusks – which in the long term endanger the stability of the poles in water – which make exhausted briccole a much desired raw material.


The briccole parquet by G18 WoodLab

Gazzotti 18 has captured the soul of Venice and transformed it into a prestigious parquet.

Thanks to the research and craftsmanship of G18 WoodLab, the reclaimed briccole take new life, becoming wooden floors for your homes or for the most refined commercial environments.

The Venetian briccole are carefully selected and worked by expert craftsmen, who enhance their specific characteristics. The material is subjected to a careful cleaning and drying process, maintaining the peculiarities of each single piece as much as possible.With Gazzotti 18, this rare, exclusive wood is reinterpreted with an eye to design, in order  to win over the most demanding customers, with its noble and romantic charm.