What is bio-architecture?

Modern society is becoming more and more attentive to the materials used in homes, from the raw materials used for construction to the choice of furnishings. Toxic and disharmonious elements are obviously banned.

This is exactly what bio-architecture is for: to find the right balance between the well-being of those who live in a house and the health of the surrounding nature.


The choice of building materials

The researches of bio-architects on materials and construction techniques gradually began perfected. Buildings have become more and more alive. The wise use of natural resources such as light, water, vegetation and the sound characteristics of the surrounding environment have given rise to reactive dwellings, that is, able to adapt to the external environment and to climate change.

As a consequence of this awareness, we are witnessing a real restructuring of our modus vivendi. Building materials are chosen following the criteria of high performance and low environmental impact. And wood is undoubtedly among the raw materials that respond to these features.


Wood, the material par excellence of bio-architecture


Bio-architecture gives importance to every element of the house. And coatings are hardly less so, indeed, in being fundamental elements of the space we live in. The floor is the part of the house with which we have permanent physical contact. It gives warmth to the rooms and personality to the furnishings. Wood, as a natural material, has insulating properties, with a remarkable aesthetic impact. Precisely for this reason, parquet has become the preferred type of flooring inside the buildings designed according to the bio-architecture canons.


ECOPUR®: safety and protection


Gazzotti goes further, bringing nature directly into our homes with Pronto Parquet with finish ECOPUR®. A parquet flooring that inspires the design of eco-sustainable environments, capable of giving a coherent message, from the raw material to the treatment.

A certified and unique coating worldwide in complete harmony with nature, which does not release harmful and dangerous substances into the air and which has a direct effect on the quality of life of people and environments, in line with the sensitivity of bio-architecture. Its active ingredients, based on special blends, make it possible to guarantee performances never achieved so far. Natural and inert processes, based on mineral salts, favor the ionization process, which is able to break down the atmospheric particulate matter and activate oxygen molecules, making the air we breathe healthier and clean.

The ECOPUR® finish frees our living environments from smog, microbes, dust, mites, pollen, germs, bacteria and viruses, even the most dangerous and resistant ones, such as Coronaviruses. It fights the unwanted odors and refreshes all spaces, just like a large tree would.

ECOPUR® also gives new properties to floors and walls, improving their aesthetics and healthiness. Pronto Parquet with ECOPUR® finish is the ideal solution to take care of one’s home and family and to purify the air in public environments and community.

With this revolutionary product, Gazzotti meets the design needs of bio-architecture, attentive to the well-being of people and environments, allowing to protect and also to color all the surfaces.

Safer, at home: https://gazzotti.it/en/ecopur/.