Antique wood can give us the charm of tradition and authenticity. If “modeled” in works of contemporary design, it then becomes an element that reconnects the eras, reinterpreting styles with an “outside-the-box” originality.

At Gazzotti, we love wood in all its forms and shades. This is why we recently signed a collaboration agreement with A&B Rosa dei Legni, a company that produces furniture and furnishing accessories in reclaimed antique wood, of which we are now distributors.

The creations of A&B Rosa dei Legni consist of furniture with a minimal design and essential lines, which enhance the history and characteristics of the wood such as knots, veins, reliefs, cracks or hollows.

Pieces of the past that decorate the present. Fragments of history to be discovered every day and to be revived in our homes.


Antique wood recovered in exclusive creations

Each piece of furniture and furnishing accessory of A&B Rosa dei Legni is made with original antique material, handcrafted and treated with high quality finishes that guarantee its resistance over time. Each piece is so unique and unrepeatable, outside the normal standards.

In the furniture line of A&B Rosa dei Legni, antique wood therefore continues to live under another guise, telling its story and transmitting its experience, also made up of scratches, signs of wear and small imperfections. It is the legacy of time, which leaves its traces. The signs of woodworms, nails, bad weather or human interventions represent “precious” testimonies that make these products even more distinctive and exclusive.

Recovering the wood and transforming it into something different from its original destination gives the raw material the possibility to fully express its potential, extending its life cycle.

The reuse of old wood to shape new creations is therefore a way to be more sustainable, reduce waste of resources and encourage the circular economy.


legno antico Gazzotti

A&B Rosa dei Legni, from an idea of Antica Edilizia

A&B Rosa dei Legni is a brand of Antica Edilizia, a company specialized in the processing of antique wood. Born from the experience gained in the world of antiques, acquired over several generations, Antica Edilizia is now dedicated to the recovery of antique wood for architecture and furnishings.

One of the company’s missions is to preserve the ecosystem and raw materials. For this reason, in its activity, Antica Edilizia tries to use everything that can be obtained from the recovered elements.