A sought-after, very much desired success for Gazzotti Korea at MBC Construction Expo, the Architecture Fair which was held from February 10 to 13, 2022 at SETEC, the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention.

The event, one of the most important in Korea, offered its visitors information and news on interior decoration, heating, cooling and lighting systems as well as on new trends in architecture.

A further gratification for Gazzotti Korea which, in January, had already seen its products selected by the South Korean public who had judged them to be “consumer-friendly”. The vote, which took place from November 1 to 12, 2021, included the best corporate brands, as well as some popular figures from entertainment, culture and media.

On Tuesday, February 15, Gazzotti Korea, in the figure of Jung-ho Park, received the prestigious Korea Consumer Brand Awards 2022.